Around the World with our books

We live in a time of great political and social changes, of liquid boundaries and cultural contaminations. This context makes it inevitable that literatures rapidly lose their national connotation and gain a more extended European trait.
Over the past 15 years, we have established our leadership by reaching a wider audience which is not confined to the Italian borders. We opened branch offices in the main European capitals. Both our bestselling writers and emerging authors are published simultaneously in Italy, Spain, Germany and, from now on, in England as well. France and the United States are our next goals.

Adam KayThis is going to hurt
The award-winning best seller with 650.000 copies sold, is published in Italy by Europe Books

500,000 copies sold worldwide
“One can only admire, deeply felt, wonderfully written”Sunday Times

Barack Obama Speeches
Charisma, humanity and wisdom. The American dream, told by one of the greatest communicators of our time.

“Daniel Silva is one of the greatest spy novelists in the world”
New York Times

Our emerging authors around the world

The hidden music“, the first book by Giovanni Maria Pala, is a worldwide success!
The book has been published in several countries around the world, and in Japan the translation rights have been acquired by East Press – the publishing house that publishes Dan Brown – for the record price of 65,000 dollars!

La nostra Distribuzione

I nostri titoli sono distribuiti in libreria sul territorio UK e europeo da Vine House Distribution ldt è uno dei maggiori poli distributivi a livello internazionale.
Con più 45.000 accounts è rifornitore di grossisti, grandi catene (WaterStones e WhSmith) e librerie indipendenti sul territorio britannico e europeo.
Inoltre per i territori di Italia e Spagna abbiamo attiva una partnership con i maggiori distributori locali: Messaggerie S.p.A. per l’Italia e CalMalaga per la Spagna.

Championing Poetry

In addition to fiction and non-fiction, we publish the greatest poets from all over the world.

Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize for Literature, is considered the greatest Spanish poet of the second half of the twentieth century.

Alda Merini. The most admired Italian poetess of our time, she was nominated several times for the Nobel prize.

Coming Soon

Pope Francis Ask your Questions


We reached the agreement to publish the Pope’s latest book in Spain and Germany.
One of the greatest teachings that Pope Francis shares with us through this book is that dialogue must always come first. Once again, the Pope gives voice to the challenges and anxieties of the modern man by giving an example of humility and inspiration.

Our international projects

With Primidieci, a book that celebrates Italian excellence around the world, we introduce one of the many initiatives aimed to the European publishing market. The American edition was followed by Primidieci UK, a book dedicated to the top personalities that best represent Italy in the United Kingdom.

“I cherish PrimiDieci for their idea to ​​celebrating Italian excellence around the world. Only by sharing the stories of men and women who made it, future generations will be encouraged to believe in their full potential. “
Bill de Blasio
(Mayor of New York)

Emerging authors as told by the protagonists of our times

Emerging authors have been at the core of our identity since the beginning. In Italy and Spain these series are the most sold and awarded. In light of these results, more than a hundred celebrities have chosen to present the books of our emerging writers, symbolically guiding them to success. Not only bestselling writers, but also celebrities from the music and sport industries such as Ennio Morricone and Arrigo Sacchi, just to name a few.

Ennio Morricone

He won multiple Academy Awards

Arrigo Sacchi
Soccer player and football coach

He won 2 Champions League

Andrea Camilleri

The brilliant creator of Inspector Montalbano. His books have been translated in 120 languages.

Our books turn into movies

Thanks to the constant effort to enhance the synergy between literature and cinema, several novels published by Europe Books have turned into successful movies.
This has been the case for “The Suicide Shop”, presented at Cannes Film Festival with the masterful direction of the award-winning director Patrice Leconte.

The officers’ ward“, a movie based on the namesake book that won 18 prestigious literary awards, was nominated for the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival.

Nel 2020 abbiamo pubblicato il romanzo fantascientifico Creators – the Past (in corsivo) in contemporanea all’uscita in tutte le sale dell’omonimo film con protagonista Gérard Depardieu e William Shatner.

Caos Film is the Group’s division specializing in movies, radio and television productions

The Suite

This movie reveals what has gone on behind the scenes of television industry.

Sex, poisons and reality shows. Here is “The Suite”, a movie that tells the story of sex, power, frauds and money that gravitate towards the television universe.
(Il Corriere della Sera)

Philippe Leroy, Special Guest Star.

TV, book fairs and events

We launch our latest books on TV and radio shows. Furthermore, we attend the main international book fairs in England and in the rest of the world, and we organize several literary events.

TV and Radio Shows

Over 1,000 episodes!

TV and radio broadcasts dedicated to our latest publications have been on air for the past 10 years in Italy. With time, they have become a point of reference for book lovers and gained a growing success in Spain and England.

National and International book fairs

Around the world with our books!

We attend the main international book fairs:
– Turin Book Fair, Italy
– Più libri più liberi, Rome Italy
– Frankfurter Buchmesse, Germany
– The London Book Fair, UK
– BookExpo America, USA
– Madrid Book Fair, Spain

Literary events

Thousands of autographed copies!

Presentations, signed copies gatherings, readings: we want to play an active role in supporting the relationship between the author and his readers. For this reason we organize hundreds of literary meetings every year throughout Europe!

Press Office

1024 articles in one year!

Media publish more than one article per day about our publications. Our annual reports show that in, 2018, over 1024 articles about our authors were published in media around Europe


Amref and Europe Books together for Kenya

A special Thank you, to all our readers who purchased our books!

AMREF and Europe Books partnered together to improve the health and social conditions of children and their communities, in schools of Malindi, Kilifi and Kaloleni in Kenya. We strive to ensure the development of their general health in preschool, as well as in elementary and secondary schools. In fact, part of the revenue from the sale of our emerging authors books was used to finance selected AMREF projects. Thanks to this partnership, we were able to build a school (picture on the right) and a water well in the Makueni district.