THE LOGOS OF LAW: PARMENIDES – HEGEL – DOSTOEVSKY - S.I. Zakhartsev, D.V. Maslennikov, V.P. Salnikov

Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 18.00
Genre: Essay
Pages: 450
ISBN: 9791220108294

This monograph develops an extensively fresh approach for interpreting logical philosophy as a way to understand the universal unity of thinking and being (Fichte and Hegel) and interpreting the meaning of its harmony (Dostoevsky).
The book offers a starting, easy-to-read overview of the essence and meaning of the universal unity of thought and being, as a core concept of the classical philosophy—from the teachings of Parmenides to those of the early Christian Fathers—and the philosophy of law, that tries to demonstrate how this universal unity, which is the foundation of the absolute harmony of existence, manifests in itself the certainty of law and legal awareness.
Gradually, it proceeds to introduce increasingly difficult aspects of the German philosophy of 18th–19th centuries by presenting a synthesis of the logical form of philosophy until landing in metaphysics of law, as well as major long-term issues of modern jurisprudence.
The authors present a specialized knowledge about law as a complex and multidimensional notion; they discuss the problem of monism-dualism, look at the law-morality, law-religion dualisms and at the concept of the Absolute in law.
Their approach is aimed to develop theoretical and methodological premises of a modern, comprehensive theory of law based on an updated notion of freedom in law.
This paper synthesizes the results that this trio of researchers, regarded as experts by the Russian scientific community, has achieved after many years of systematic studies of philosophy of law. It is addressed to specialists in the field of theory and philosophy of law, university tutors, post-graduate students, graduate students, legal experts and to everyone who is interested in improving their knowledge of history of philosophy and legal thought as well as exploring Dostoevsky’s ideas from an unusual perspective.