A MEDIUM RARE HEART - Aminath Shirneem

Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 9.90
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 62
ISBN: 9791220107204


A Medium Rare Heart is a poetic work that conceals a harmful love, which on the surface shows joy and happiness but on the inside hides darkness and pain. It is a real story because it shows, through deep thoughts, a phase of the author’s life, a personal outburst, trying to help the reader to resist, not to be deceived, to fall but also to get back up. There is always a way out, we only need the courage to find it and take the road that leads to salvation and the reconquest of our happiness, the same happiness that someone dared to take away from us, promising us love, but giving us insecurity and fear. It is a story of heart and brain, a heart that has been deceived by a storm for which it was not prepared, a storm encountered by chance on its path, a storm in search of shelter. A heart that has decided to listen and stretch out its arms to protect that storm with a past full of misfortune, because we are always ready to reach out to someone who really needs our help.

Aminath Shirneem was born in Male, Maldives. A small island nation in the midst of the Indian Ocean. She’s a law graduate, currently pursuing a career in writing. She has previously worked in some law firms and government institutions. Her main interests, apart from writing, are photography, café-hopping and fishing. She is a coffee addict and bookworm.


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