Our book series

Our catalogue is divided into three series:

  • Build Universes (fiction)
    Every literary work is a visionary and concrete project, an undertaking that requires both proven technique and creative madness for its realisation. The writer is one of the privileged receptors of the society they live in, someone capable of immersing themselves so deeply in their own time that they can go beyond it.
  • Draw Spaces (poetry)
    The decibels of words. Poetry as the ethereal structure of contemporary thought, as an extreme challenge, as the only vital response to cultural homologation. Poetry is always, first and foremost, an unavoidable need of a society, its cultural code, its possibility of salvation.
  • Chronos, Autobiographies of Citizens
    At a time when knowledge and human exchanges are consumed more and more quickly, the Chronos series aims to focus on the values of testimony, profound reflection and the transmission of experience, by giving voice to women and men of our time.