Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 14.90
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 76
ISBN: 9791220105767


“Mama! Mama! I’m scared! What is this bright light?”. “That’s a lightning my little baby! The lightning helps us see the way back home better if it gets dark”.
Children are beautiful, wonderful human beings; they are intelligent, funny, innocent and pure. They are easily scared, and mum and dad often must intervene to explain what is going on. However, at times they can also be quite stubborn and temperamental and teaching them a lesson can prove to be a tricky task. They’d like to stick to their own rules, as they feel like they know what’s best for themselves.
“This is Shine. He looks like an ordinary little boy, but he’s not. Shine is a very lazy boy. He also doesn’t really like listening to his parents.”
It doesn’t matter which case you are dealing with; stories could help you overcome the obstacle. Interesting short tales such as “A special spoon” or “Alex and the wheelchair” are quite engaging, easily understandable and specifically thought for the smallest ones. Their leading characters, which children can likely resonate with, show how great commitment, honesty and curiosity can help them grow up, develop over time and turn into far better beings. They convey critical messages about our everyday life, without forgetting who they are speaking to and how much of a role moral plays.
Amazing moral tales is a wonderful collection of family-friendly stories, written and thought for our children, the future of our society.

Set in a post-communist Romania, Irina Ionita’s story began during elementary school nights when, with the help of a handheld flashlight, she read old, consumed library books under the bed covers. She realised quite early that books are an infinite source of information, inspiration and a remarkable learning tool.
Fast forward to the present, you will find her experiencing the same story while reading children books for her six years old daughter, with the help of a phone torch this time.
When she isn’t writing, you can find her flying around the globe at 35.000ft looking after people’s safety and wellbeing, drawing inspiration from all four corners of the globe in the meantime. She believes that you are what your library says and become what your books teach you, so this is her attempt to make the world a better place, story by story.


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