Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 11.50
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 88
ISBN: 9791220104104

Liam is a cuddly teddy bear who lives with his friends in a big furniture store. He is a very curious young bear and has explored all the store, unlike his friends that prefer to remain safely in their box. Liam sees the same things every day: the same friends, the same customers, the same articles, and he would really like to see something new. Not that he doesn’t love his home and his friends, he does, but he is a little bored and would love to explore the outside world. He really wants to experience something else. Every day he tries to venture outside, and every day he gets as close as he can to the doors, but, being just a very young teddy bear, Liam never finds enough courage to leave his home… until someone does that for him, and he finds himself on an adventure. What will he discover? Who will he meet? Will the outside world be as he expected? Find the answer within the pages of ‘Bears out of the Box’, a modern tale of exploration and friendship, that will entertain and amuse the young reader.