BEAUTY QUEEN - Rebecca Bettarini

Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 13.00
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 170
ISBN: 9791220104494


When Miss Universe, Cecilia Mendoza, is enrolled by the CIA to kill the president of her country, Venezuela, she is convinced that she must cooperate. But things are hardly what they seem, and Cecilia will end up embroiled in a spiderweb of conspiracies where nothing can be trusted. Will she be able to carry out her mission? And above all, can she resist the fascinating president? A spy story that will take you from Moscow to New York, from Montecarlo to the white sands of the Caribbean. You will discover Venezuela, a beautiful although difficult country. A plot that will keep you wondering until the last page and that will carry you away to places where dreams live. Until you too discover that nothing is as it seems.

Rebecca Virginia Bettarini is an Italian writer, raised abroad. She has been passionate about writing since she was a child. Her novels and thrillers take place in countries where she grew up and are written in several languages by the writer herself.


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