Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 9.90
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 84
ISBN: 9791220106092


Innovative and classic at the same time, Indo Skosana’s poetry is a unique and melodious contrast between modern and old, practical and spiritual, logical and instinctual. Philosophy, history, love, as well as taxes, environmental issues, and politics: the complexity of the world we inhabit is captured in a dissonant harmony capable of merging the immaterial and material aspects of life. Rather than having all the answers or presuming to capture a universal truth, Indo Skosana describes the beautiful and sometimes painful contradictions of the reality that surrounds us, then invites the readers to ask themselves numerous questions. But among the chaos, unpredictability, and hardships of life, one message stands clear as a beacon towering above a dark and tumultuous ocean: we should always live, no matter what, and we should do so by helping each other and by creating a true, sincere connection with the people and the nature we share our existence with. In this torn, frenetic and wonderful world we live in, individuals have a chance to reach the awareness of being part of something wider, more complex and beautiful than what defines their own singularity. “We are one. Life first. All shall follow.”

Indo Skosana is a South African poet and writer. After attending Sizwakele Secondary School in Embalenhle, he studied English Literature at Intec College in Cape Town and graduated in 1994. He worked as a Publicity Officer at ‘Statistics South Africa’ and later as a Civic Education Facilitator for the Independent Election Commission (I.E.C.). Some of his poems were published by the Poetry Institute of Africa, based in Durban, others are catalogued at the National English Literature Museum at Grahamstown University. One poem, ‘I Won’t Tarnish Your Image’, has been published by the South African Human Rights Commission.


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