ETNO RAIS - Sergio Cecchetti

Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 9.90
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 62
ISBN: 9791220106757

In Cecchetti’s verses there is a sort of fusion, sometimes ironic, of lyricism and intellectualism, an incessant succession of cultural interpolations, mythological and Christian afterthoughts on which the weft and warp, the whole itinerary and the passages of his lyrical discourse, his poetic proposal in which echoes and references of every era and latitude are spread: the action and the dream, the life of the present and the history, the mythology in a fascinating dialectic of techniques and meanings.

Sergio Cecchetti was born in 1975 in Civitavecchia (Italy). Along with the poetic activity, the musician is added, some of the texts in this collection, in fact, are born as songs. Etno Rais is his first publication.