I Am – Harpreet K Kang

Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 9.90
Genre: Essay
Pages: 132
ISBN: 9791220104876


Either you will remain possessed by your mind or you will learn to govern it.

This book helps you with the wisdom of sages from thousands of years. It empowers you to alter your mind, so the rest of your life begins to make sense. Desires and sufferings have lead many of us to spaces we regret. ‘I Am’ is a powerful turn around in simple interactive dialogue, with incredible examples that help readers transcend their sufferings. The approach to the subject is upfront, with little ambiguity, which leaves the reader stronger and gratified.

Harpreet K Kang reveals the simple truths of life that often seem to be hiding in plain sight for most of us. The book supports readers to see things distinctly and empowers them to live with freedom and act through mindfulness.

Harpreet K Kang is a journalist, academician, entrepreneur, traveller, and now an author. She is at heart a mentor and a keen observer of life. She is equally comfortable observing life at both the macro and micro levels. She follows geopolitics, and has studied International Business at Harvard University. Her penchant for travelling and trying new things has taken her to over 40 countries, allowed her to gain her pilot’s license and dive headfirst into anything she decides to do.

She is a slave to the truth and has spent the last decade searching for it through the continuous practice of spirituality and an insatiable appetite for ancient scriptures. Some of her favourite texts of recent include the Upanishads, Buddhism, Kabbalist learnings, Guru Granth Sahib, Rumi, Yunus Emre. In this book she seeks to undo the curtains and reveal the mirror laying behind it.


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