MIRRORS AND WATER - Oussama Safraoui

Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 9.90
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 48
ISBN: 9791220104999

In a faraway place, there is a small village whose inhabitants live happily. One night, the Wicked Giants decide to take control over the village well by building a large metal box around it and latching it with an unbreakable lock. Assisted by the Sage’s wise guidance, the brave Mohab will seek to retrieve the key from the Wicked Giants.
Which lessons will he learn? Which challenges will he overcome? What reward will he get at the end?
For those spending time at home, looking for a wonderful wildlife adventure, it is time to follow Mohab on his heroic quest, full of exciting events, funny situations and invaluable lessons. Mohab’s story teaches key moral values and life lessons, and helps the young readers to develop a strong character. An inspirational tale for kids that will make the reading a delightful as well as an educational experience. Each chapter can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story, as children are likely to request that their favorite chapters be re-read to them over and over again.

Oussama Safraoui is an elementary school teacher, interested in teaching life skills and nurturing strong, positive children. His ultimate objective is to help develop children’s characters in a way that makes them balanced and successful as they grow up to face personal and professional challenges. He wrote a collection of 17 short stories that teach moral values and life skills such as determination, sense of responsibility, respect, friendship and teamwork, and a tale for children about global warming. He is an advocate of teaching chess in elementary schools, as chess is a game that doesn’t require much funding, and it teaches children crucial life skills. As Rafe Esquith once said: “My goal for these kids is to get skills from me that they will be using five to ten years from now.” Oussama Safraoui works on teaching children lifelong skills that will help them be good, happy and creative people who strive to make the world a better place.


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