Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 11.50
Genre: Non – Fiction
Pages: 158
ISBN: 9791220108522


Feelings, fears, friendships, insecurities, passions. All of us go through these intense emotional experiences, and the start of it all, without the shadow of a doubt, is teenagerhood. As we start to realize that we are our own person, many questions inevitably follow, as who we want that person to be, and how to get there. Saania Saxena, the sixteen-year-old author of Teenage Chronicles: My Journey of Self Discovery knows well what she writes about. With curiosity, a bright analytical mind, and the wise humility of someone who knows how much there is to learn from this world – regardless of the age one has reached – she narrates her first-hand life experiences and the consequent lessons she has elaborated and learned, sharing them with her readers. Philosophy and science are no longer intellectual and abstract concepts, but tools to better understand ourselves and ease our journey to self-discovery. A fresh, rich, and interesting work between narrative and essay, providing at the same time entertainment and suggestions to consider. A book recommended not only to teenagers but as well to adults that are still questioning themselves and in need of a fresh and original point of view to improve their self-perception.

“Through thoughtful reflection and extensive research, Saania has assembled a roadmap that holistically ignites both emotion and humor while providing tools anyone can use while navigating the battlefield of life.”
—Brent Gleeson, former Navy SEAL, Best-selling Author of TakingPoint and Embrace the Suck “An uplifting memoir to help other teenagers along the slippery slope to adulthood.”—

Jacquie Biggar, USA Today Best-selling Author of more than a dozen books

Saania Saxena is a sixteen-year-old teenager who has lived and studied in Singapore, India, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. As a passionate explorer, she has also traveled to more than thirty different countries across the globe. She maintains a blog on philosophy and her life learnings, with more than 7000 followers. When not writing, Saania likes to bake, grow her flower garden, and ride her horse named Jack. Teenage Chronicles is her first published work.

Instagram Profile: @teenage_chronicles