The Five Dynamics of Creative Development - Johannes Ziskoven & Ad van Vugt

Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 16.90
Genre: Essay
Pages: 202
ISBN: 9791220101608


The Five Dynamics of Creative Development proposes a framework for exploring and better understanding the complex and beautiful process of development and growth. This creative process takes on many forms, however always following the structure of underlying dynamics. The work is focused on recognising the dynamics and creating the right environment and conditions for growth to occur naturally. At its root lies the assumed reality that love is the true force behind positive growth, and that every human being has this basic capacity.

Based on 45 years of experience working in mental health institutions, it is written by a young explorer of Art Therapy, who will guide you through a journey of positive and playful learning. It is a book full of recognition and useful tips for anyone who is personally interested in growth, creativity and change, as well as for parents, therapists, teachers and other professionals.

Ad van Vugt worked in psychiatry for over forty years both clinically and on an out-patient basis. Early on he came to the conclusion that mere talking was not enough and that the felt experience through creativity was at the basis of change. Creative activities would be an important tool to support this change. He started developing programmes with the help of colleagues and clients. The core question that occupied him was about which dynamics are actually responsible for change and development, and which conditions stimulate these dynamics in a natural way. He moved away from problem-oriented thinking and into development-oriented thinking. The theory that he developed is described in this book.

Johannes Ziskoven decided in 2015 to stop his philosophy course and travelled to Spain to assist his father, participate in the courses and in return write the book about his father’s work. For three years he followed him, did and assisted in workshops, tried out the different creative techniques and had almost daily conversations and interviews with his father. The result was this book. It is not only a fitting rendering of his father’s work, but also a clear expression of his own creative process. He now studies in the Netherlands to become an art therapist himself.