THE HALL OF FRAME - Asha Kulthum

Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 13.00
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 238
ISBN: 9791220104289


When Gabriella gets a scholarship to an elite university on the island of Windterre, she hardly expects to be thrown into the world of the Youth Attorneys, much less a world of injustice, violence, rape, and even human trafficking. The Youth Attorneys are the group of lawyers and prosecutors that ensure justice and fairness on campus and were established to provide a solution to the ‘Adults are cruel’ complaints. What Gabriella doesn’t expect is to make new friends, new lovers and several near-death experiences all in one semester. And for some strange reason she is also pulled into the world of a certain gang leader who endlessly gets on her nerves.

‘A Thriller Novel with an African Twist’

Asha Kulthum Mayowa is one of Africa’s emerging young writers. She was born and had her primary and secondary education in Nigeria before moving to the African Leadership University in Mauritius to study Social Sciences. She did an online Scriptwriting course at the University of Michigan. She is currently in her second year of university and enjoys writing novels and short stories. She writes books that portray her African heritage and culture. Her book The Hall Of Frame was a script before being converted to a novel. She has a lot of written works but The Hall Of Frame is her first book to be published.


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