THE JOURNEY INTO THE UNKNOWN. The incredible story of my life - Orietta Bosch

Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 14.90
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 360
ISBN: 9791220100687


In this autobiographical novel, Orietta Bosch retraces the salient stages of a life, equally marked by good and evil; she was just a teenager when, driven by curiosity, she entered into the back of the shop where she worked and saw a big black book and two dark eyes staring at her. The young Orietta doesn’t know it yet but that evil look will remain on her for years, hindering and depriving her of the dearest loved ones, until she lost her only son. It seems that the evil wants to drag her into the abyss of the hell, but the Light does not abandon her; she feels always close the presence of her beloved Simon who, like a guardian angel, accompanies her, comforts her, convinces her not to give in to despair, showing the way of salvation and promises her a new rebirth. This book is about positivity, love, courage. It does not intend to convince anyone, just to spread a message of hope for all, keeping an important promise. Whatever the spirit with which you are preparing to read it, there will be deep emotions, amazement, wonder and a sense of sweet abandonment to a loving force, that sees and plans everything, even in the darkest night.

Orietta Bosch was born on May 6, 1959 in Mariano del Friuli, a small town in the province of Gorizia. Professional nurse and writer for mission, she published The Journey of Orietta, Flowers on Scorched Earth and The Mountain of Red Stones, a trilogy that tells the adventure of the man and woman of today, struggling to conquer, in one’s life, the dimensions of truth, goodness and beauty.


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