THE WAITING ROOM - Nella Papouskova

Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 9.90
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 54
ISBN: 9791220104319


A therapy studio, a waiting room, a huge purple velvet armchair with large armrests, a black notebook, a series of appointments, a seemingly quiet Wednesday and two intertwining stories. Being a psychologist is difficult, especially when you are dealing with particular disorders and the desire to end it all, but having in therapy a girl who forces you with her gestures to radically change your life is even more difficult. What happens if on a quiet Wednesday, in the same waiting room, with the purple velvet pulpit and the huge empty armrests, after an intense morning of work, the past knocks at your door? What happens if suddenly your apparent tranquillity, conquered with so many sacrifices, is broken by someone who is part of this past? What happens if all appointments with other patients are cancelled? Are all patients able to manage on their own? What is their true story?

Nella Papouskova was born in 2003 in Prague, Czech Republic. She started learning English when she was two years old, after her parents put her into an international preschool. Languages have always been a big hobby of hers as she feels like they open a whole new outlook on life and allow her to explore a new part of her personality. This love for languages also comes hand in hand with her overall love for words, hence that is the reason why she started writing books.


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