Publisher: Europe Books
Price: £ 12
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 72
ISBN: 9791220108577


Thoughts from a Damaged Mind is a poetic collection that narrates existentialism through the eyes of a unique and personal experience. With a familiar and relatable language, the poet describes a deep feeling of isolation and estrangement towards the societal norms through which people are bound to be considered sane, whole, and normal. As the poet interrogates himself on many questions – how should we live our lives?
What is the meaning of happiness? – an inner dark and unwelcomed guest seems to take over every positive emotion. The unwelcomed guest is depression, an illness that is too often stigmatized and misunderstood to the point of being compared to lack of determination rather than accepted as a problem afflicting one’s mental health. The poet accepts it and comes to terms with his condition, and thanks to family, friends, and doctors he can begin to demolish the walls of loneliness that surround him and start a path towards recovery.

Gareth Wynne is a retired police officer who served in Staffordshire for thirty years, a significant portion of these as a Dog Handler, a privilege for which he considers himself fortunate. In 1997, Wynne began work in the Law Training Department, where he remained until retirement in 2007. After retiring, he continued as a trainer in a neighbouring force. In January 2014, Gareth Wynne was diagnosed with depression. After a first traumatic experience in a psychiatric hospital, he moved to Dorset with his wife Madeleine and, thanks to Madeleine’s support and the help of dedicated and committed professionals, he started to treat his condition. Thoughts from a Damaged Mind is inspired by his firsthand experiences and struggles with his inner demon.