WHO IS GOD AND WHY DID THEY LIE US - Asparuh Chorbadzhiev


The world is changing. The world we live in has always changed. Changes can be dynamic or smooth. Immersed in our daily lives, we rarely think about the reasons why the world is changing. If we still have time to think, it will not be difficult to realize that we are these reasons. If we are able to realize this, we are not far from the logic that we can control change. Not individually, but as a conscious society. The changes we have registered so far are summarized as the history of mankind. […] Everyone wants a better life. This is only possible if we make the world we live in better. And we are constantly trying to do just that. […] Although provided in different ways according to the respective society and the respective epoch, the teaching has always been the same in its essence. This teaching is so universal that it cannot be changed. Change can only exist in the way we realize it. In order to be properly aware, we only need to update the way we pass on the teachings to the generations to come. Mankind today, as a whole, has realized that unification is needed to continue our proper development. At the same time, there is a division by different criteria and to different degrees. One of these divisions is faith in God. Most of those who deny it believe that we were created by chance by nature. This is also an interesting version, but it does not help much for proper upbringing. Very often people interpret this option as follows. Man is the greatest creation of nature. So great that it is greater than its creator. And little by little, without realizing it, people begin to boast. Once we succumb to selfishness, the worst of all human vices, we take the wrong path that can inevitably lead all of humanity to self-destruction. The second group in this division are people who believe in God. If the faith of those who claim to have it is true, they follow the teachings on which the claim of God, creator of the world and men, is based. If these teachings are the same, it would lead to the unification of humanity. If the result is the opposite, then we have not fulfilled the basic testament of the doctrine. This means that we have changed it and passed it on in the wrong way to the next generations. There is a third group in the same division. These are the people who realize that God and nature is one and the same thing. These people are trying to modernize the teaching and make it understandable to everyone. This would help people realize the need for unification as a prerequisite for achieving change in the world for the better. In personal aspect, if everyone tries to become a better person then the world will simply become better. If one believes the world can be better, there is no difference from believe in God. It’s just a different manifest of faith. Without faith, we can easily ‘sell our souls’. The book “Who is God and why did they lie us” is an attempt to explain this in a simple way.

Asparuh Chorbadzhiev was born on August, 25th 1970 in Varna, Bulgaria. In 1988 he graduated at the Maritime College in Varna. At those years, a seaman profession was one of the possibilities to allow him travel around the world. To continue this career, later he went to the Naval Academy. For the past 30 years he sailed on most type of ships, meeting people from all over the world. As he would put it, reading books is another way to travel, in time and space. His interest in reading led him to the books with alternative knowledge and also to the great spiritual teachers. This helped him reach answers to eternal questions. What has been achieved is best to be shared. And that is exactly what is done in this book.